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Goutte d’Or

(on Google maps)

Directions: Start at Café Lomi (3 ter Rue Marcadet 75018 Paris). Get energized for your adventure with a coffee or tea (we recommend the mocha). Make your way down to LaChappelle metro, try not to use your map. Take random turns. Get a little lost. 


1. Take a picture of something red
2. What do you see that surprises you?
3. One word for your walk. What is it?


1. something red:


2. I was surprised by how much of a world apart the “Goutte d’Or” feels, with its mosaic walls and fabric shops. Stretching the idea of “seeing,” I was surprised to see how much I enjoyed wandering around a neighborhood without a map or set plan. I spend so much of my time in Paris glued to my iPhone, racing to make a train or a bus, running down a street with the idea of my destination propelling me. I felt a bit lost turning off my phone and simply taking left or right turns, trying to navigate my way through what seemed interesting. It’s an exercise in self-awareness. How much do you enjoy your own thoughts that you can wander with them for a while? How much can you see without having a specific sight in mind?

3. Eye-catching

image image_1image(2)shoes



1. something red: 


2. I was surprised by the juxtaposition of run down buildings and bustling storefronts. The Goutte d’Or appears to be both a thriving neighborhood and a neglected one.

3. Vibrant.

IMG_8133 IMG_8137

IMG_8139 IMG_8148

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  1. Liza Prossnitz says

    How wonderful to react to what you see in the neiborhood. What a terrific blog.


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