Even after almost two years of living in this city, it is still difficult for me to separate the reality of living in Paris from the fantasy. I often imagine that if I could just wander down one more alleyway, take one more walk by the Seine, go to that one café on the Canal I’ve been hearing about, I will have figured this city out. The thing about people or places you love, it seems, is that you can never fully unlock all their secrets. I want to use this blog as a platform to explore these lesser-known sides and places of Paris and the inspiration they can evoke.

One of my prime motivations for coming to Paris was to start writing seriously. But I faced the problems of both not knowing where to begin and “not having time” (i.e. not making time) due to my job. I envision this blog as a series of prompts to get both myself and you started when we don’t know where to begin. Along with Nora, my co-author, I also hope to explore the idea of leading a creative life and seeking creative fulfillment when artistic endeavors aren’t your source of income.


Everyone who lives in Paris has a different experience, but there’s no doubt that the city is inspiring, beautiful, rich in culture, and there is always something new to discover. That said, many people romanticize Paris, minimizing it to long walks along the Seine, baguettes, and red wine (among other things). Paris is magical, but sometimes it’s also just another big city. After living here for almost 2 years, some of the magic has worn off. I tend to get caught up in my daily routine, and I forget to appreciate my surroundings. I also struggle to find the motivation to continue my creative practices, especially now that I’m not in art school anymore.

This blog is a personal project and will act as a set of parameters and deadlines, aimed at motivating me to make art regularly and more importantly remind me why I love Paris. I hope to discover new things about the city as well as experience what is already familiar in a different way. Hopefully with this structure and the help of my co-author Annie, this project will be successful on a personal level and but also inspire others.

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