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A guide to vernissages (small art viewings) in Paris

Looking for something cultural, free, interesting and fun to do on a Thursday night? We’ve been there. There are hundreds of art galleries in Paris and when they open new exhibitions, they almost always host an opening, with the artist and often drinks (read: free wine) and snacks.

These openings can be pretty easy to find with some research by looking at your favorite gallery’s website, or just doing a Google search. Here are a couple sites we’ve found useful:  Slash/Paris , l’officiel des spectacles.


Another way to find interesting vernissages is to follow local cultural institutes in Paris on Facebook or take a look at their websites. The Finnish Institute and Swedish Institute in particular often host public openings for Scandinavian artists.

Or if the mood strikes on a Thursday night, you can wander around the 3rd (especially Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth or Rue Volta) and will undoubtedly find an inviting, free opening to duck into.





This Thursday, we checked out the opening for French-Iranian artist Sépànd Danesh’s “Des Ruines pour Origine” (Rooted in Ruins) — an exhibit of  with large-scale, three dimensional paintings at Backslash Gallery in the 3rd.

Vernissages are like a goutée, a taste, of art in Paris. Usually, you can see most of the art and do as much people-watching as you desire in about half an hour.

Overall, they are a great way to see some art, get inspired and maybe meet some cool people!

-Annie & Nora

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