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Coffee & Coconuts
Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 LR Amsterdam

Possibly my favorite café in the world, I came to Coffee & Coconuts twice over a 3-day trip in Amsterdam. People seeking inspiration, a place to write/read/sketch/think, will find it here with the beanbag cushions, the hanging tables, the old theater-converted to a coffee shop venue, the sheer size of the place and of course, the coconut water you can drink straight from a young coconut! – A

Van ‘t Spit

It’s not a café or a museum, but I can only describe the roast chicken at Van ‘t Spit as a spiritual experience. You have to wait for a good hour (maybe even two) before getting a table, but it’s more than worth it. My friend described the two chefs (twin brothers) as born on this earth to give us one gift and that gift was their roast chicken. The comfort level of this food, that satisfied feeling of eating well without eating too much, may inspire some meditation on the comforts of home or simply give you the rejuvenation to begin a creative project the next day. – A



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