This blog is for adventurers, daydreamers, creatives, everyone, anyone, walkers, explorers, people who need an excuse to take a pause and stop and smell the roses. We are documenting personal experiences to inspire, to motivate and to entertain both ourselves and others.

After over a year in Paris, we decided to focus on finding inspiration in our daily lives and in the city around us. We love maps, getting lost, unplanned Saturday afternoons, new experiences, hidden treasures, surprises, the insolite (the hidden, the unordinary). We want to inspire ourselves and others to look at Paris or any city with new eyes.


prof Nora was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She came to Paris in 2012 to study abroad, and after graduating from Connecticut College she packed up and moved back to study photography and live the Parisian expat life. Nora likes to wander around Paris with a camera, drink coffee and dance. She now works for Seymour Projects, a non-profit organization that creates multidisciplinary projects that motivate people to take regular breaks from technology in order to cultivate creative self expression (seymourprojects.com). Click HERE to view Nora’s personal photography website.

10478112_3679727269006_8826998764545818256_nAnnie studied abroad in Paris in the winter of 2012 and moved back after graduating from Stanford University to teach little kids English, write stories, and work on imitating the devastating sophistication of Parisian women. She currently works at the non-profit, Yahad-In Unum, which is dedicated to identifying sites and witnesses of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. When she’s not at work, she’s probably guzzling coffee or on the hunt for a new hidden store/book/café in a back-alley of Paris.

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