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Mood board: visualize a creative idea

Sometimes if you are in a creative rut making a mood board or collage can help inspire you. Kind of like Pinterest, but with real magazines/newspapers/printed materials. It can be useful to lay out a vision on paper, set a creative goal, or just collect images that speak to you. Get your hands on some magazines, catalogues, newspapers etc. and a few basic crafting materials (paper, scissors, glue, tape) and spend an afternoon flipping through and cutting out what catches your eye. Once you have a collection of images, play around with arranging them on a big piece of paper. How to they work together or conflict? Is there a common theme? Hopefully the result will be inspiring and maybe shed light on a new project idea or creative direction. This can apply to all creative practices! You might be surprised by what direction your board takes or reveals. ps this is a great rainy day activity, and fun to do alone or with friends. Annie: Nora: